Perfect wedding cards for your perfect wedding: A Guide

One of the most important events of an individual’s life is his or her wedding day, so for this day EVERY single thing has to be perfect starting from the wedding invitations to the color scheme to the actual wedding ceremony. Every bride and groom dreams of this day and the gist of all their dreams should be reflected in the wedding event and its related fortes.

The first phase of every wedding is to plan it and the core responsibility falls in the hands of the bride and the groom they have to decide on every single detail of the wedding, yes they do have helpers but the last decision has to be theirs. So in this first phase when color combinations, food, catering, dresses and many other details are being decided wedding cards are at the first of the wedding list. Wedding invitees are a traditional custom where the bride, groom and their respective families invite people to their wedding by sending them custom made wedding cards which acts as a formal representation of inviting a relative or a friend to the wedding.

Wedding invites are a very important element as they are the first milestone of every wedding so it is very obvious that they have to be special in every aspect. From color to design to its arrangement everything has to be looked upon. At the start many wedding card samples are shown to the bride and the groom and they are asked to select from them. Now the scenario becomes something like this:

What the groom likes the bride isn’t much fond of and what the bride absolutely loves the groom thinks it’s kind of too much thus more wedding samples! So there should be a proper guide regarding these scenarios which not only helps the groom and the bride to save time but also gives them their dream wedding card. So an initial guide can have multiple scenarios two of which will be discussed here:

  • When the bride and the groom both have a certain artistic nature and they can actually design their own card. This case has further two more scenarios: (A) the groom isn’t interested (B) the groom is on board. As we all know that girls are very touchy feely about all their wedding details so when you say they should design their own card they actually WILL! We cannot expect the same from the groom (because boys will be boys) but they can help by analyzing the card and giving further suggestions. By making their own cards the bride and groom will be quite satisfied as now they don’t have to choose from thousands of card samples.
  • Another scenario is that both the groom and the bride should decide how they want their card to be, simple, decorated, beaded, what style it should have, should it be like the old traditional cards or the new funky ones when all of these details are provided only then order the samples then choosing the perfect wedding card will be very much simple.

A wedding is majorly about managing time, if these guides are followed immediately after the dates have been fixed then it will not only save time but will also provide satisfaction to the couple that they have managed to perform a major task on time which is sometimes very rare is wedding planning. All the very best of luck to the wedding couples who are stressing out at every point.

I hope this piece of writing will help you in your future planning’s.

Custom wedding Invitations: A plan.


One of the most important part of a wedding is the wedding invites, not only are they the initial phase of a wedding but they need critical time for their selection and then preparation. In recent times, custom wedding invitations are really trending, the couple prefers custom made invitations which are different and unique from the ones that are already popular amongst the wedding communities. So here is a guide line which will help the wedding couples to follow a step wise process in this point in time where there is so much pressure of every little detail, these guidelines will prove to be very much helpful:

Choose the Card design:

This is the initial part, how do you want your card’s overall look to be? What do you have in mind and how would you like it to be assembled all these little details have to e discussed with the designer whose going to design your cards. So before going to the designer make sure that you have a clear picture of what do you want and how do you want your card to be. One sitting is enough for this first phase.

Choose the wordings

Apart from the design of the card the next thing which matters the most is the content of the card. The traditional greetings are very heartwarming but you need to decide how do you want to invite your guests do you want it to be formal or informal? Polite or jazzy? Do you want it to be something that will make you family and friends smile? Come up with something that you really want which will not only reflect your happiness but will also make the guests feel invited and included in your happiness.

Material of the Custom invitation card

This is another factor which needs to be considered and it is linked with your design that you selected, there are many cards that have different design and the material used in accordance with the design may vary too. So when the designer gives you options for your card’s material then you must choose the most suitable one whether it is paper, plastic, metal, roll down velvet there will be a variety choose the one which looks the best and covers your budget most importantly.

The envelope

The coverage of the card is equally important as it gives away the first impression to the guests so it should be in accordance with the design and material that you picked. This whole planning should be done beforehand so that you can have something to tell to the designer otherwise time will be wasted.

With all of these little details you can add up many little accessories, beads, ribbons etc. it depends upon your taste and the feels that you want to give to your guests. When you will meet your card designer yes they will suggest many options for you but it is totally up to you. At the end of the day you should be satisfied with the end product which is the first artifact of your wedding.

10 Things to Keep in Mind When Ordering Your Wedding Cards

10 things to know before buying wedding cards

It’s generally great to have some assistance before you decide to settle down. Particularly, when it comes to making purchases for your wedding it is a total confusion. With a considerable measure of things you purchase you might well have experience of picking and purchasing them before, like cars, shoes, suppers and so forth? So most people do have an idea of what they like and what’s in the stores. But with the thought of having to buy wedding accessories people get keen for making everything perfect.  Very likely this will be the first occasion when you have even considered it, so here are a couple tips:

  1. Order a Sample first: Always arrange a specimen before settling on the choice that these are the ones for you. A prototype is always better so that you can brainstorm on what you actually want. You truly need to see and feel the nature of the card, the print, and the completion.
  2. Arrange More Than You Think You’ll Need: Always keep a backup, it’s the best to work out what number you’ll need and afterward include another 10, Just for the sake of staying in the safe zone. This will cover you for anything that got overlooked. You are hand composing your visitors names there will definitely be errors. Most wedding stationery organizations have a base request, just in light of the way printers work, so you would prefer not to need to arrange another 25 welcomes when you just need a couple. That said remember that couples and families might require standing out welcome.
  3. Ask someone to Proof Read: Your architects will do all that they can to guarantee your welcomes are without mistake however with regards to it’s, at last, your obligation to give the thumbs up for them to be printed. It’s a decent thought to ask somebody you know who has great linguistic use and spelling to check the content as it’s simple for you to miss something.
  4. Spare Enough Time: Keep in mind that your wedding stationery will take some time an opportunity to outline and create. This is particularly genuine in the event that you are searching for a bespoke outline. This last stage can go from anything between 10 days and 10 weeks relying on the supplier and sort of print/completion required. A great adviser should be there to begin looking when you have your date and venue affirmed, however, to leave requesting until around 6-9 months earlier with the goal that you have a strong thought of quantities of visitors and don’t get have out by any progressions.
  5. Keep in mind what your guests look forward to: Besides the date, time and where to gather, what else may your visitors need to know? R.S.V.P subtle elements are a smart thought however you don’t generally require a different card, an email address on your welcomes is a simple approach to do it. Expecting some of your visitors might have voyage some separation, or in case you’re getting hitched in a remote area, it’s a smart thought to incorporate headings and convenience points of interest. Getting some information about dietary prerequisites is fitting yet it’s truly up to you how much extra data you incorporate.
  6. Selecting the right words: There is the same number of methods for wording a wedding welcome as there are weddings. There are heaps of advisers for wording online yet the length of it sounds like you and you’re alright with it. So the length of you has secured the nuts and bolts: time, date, venue and so forth then you can get truly imaginative or exceptionally conventional the decision is yours.
  7. Custom-made Design V’s Adapted: The delight of having your wedding stationery outlined by definite particulars can’t be over assessed. With the right planners, you will appreciate an astounding background and have wedding stationery that is genuinely one of a kind and something to treasure. Be that as it may on the off chance that you don’t generally have a topic or a smart thought of what you are searching for, it might be less complex to locate a current plan that possesses all the necessary qualities. will customize stationery for you notwithstanding rolling out improvements to the hues and changes to the configuration. if you want to look at the customized samples click here.
  8. The financial plan for Stamps: With the cost of stamps on the expansion it’s a thought to a spending plan for what number of you’ll need. Particularly in the event that you are having an extensive number of visitors.
  9. Decide the exact amount to spend: Similarly as with all things with wedding cards you can spend a little or a terrible parcel. Wedding cards welcomes range from as low as a couple of thousand Rupees to upwards of a million for handcrafted Laser-cut or uncommon completions. Going down the DIY course is not generally less expensive and not suggested unless you are especially smart and have time staring you in the face. You can even choose by price from the wide range of the card stock.
  10. Try not to Send All Of Your Invitations Out: This may sound odd yet another justifiable reason motivation to request more than you need is that you’ll need to hold a few welcomes back as a token of your enormous day. Numerous individuals disregard this in the fervor of arranging the wedding. It’s a decent thing to find years after the fact concealed someplace