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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

There are no delivery charges for orders above 10,000. However we charge for small orders a delivery charges of Rs. 500 for packages weighing under 2kgs, and Rs. 1000 for packages weighing over 2kgs for the deliveries within Pakistan.

Direct bank transfer, and Easy Paisa transfer are accepted from within Pakistan, a skrill and Payoneer account is Launching soon for the payments from inside and outside of Pakistan.

The Delivery will take 5 to 8 days for the orders within Pakistan after the finalization of the Card design. (in case of wedding card order). For the orders outside Pakistan our customer service will immediately tell you the delivery time after the conformation of your orders.

Its is very secure we promise to keep your data/ personal information or data which may be used or printed on the cards safe and secure. We have been in printing business since decades and we have thousands of happy customers who does not hesitate even for a second for giving us their personal information.

The day you place the order and confirm the text of your inner (for wedding cards orders) our team members start the process of printing. For Jewellery box orders our team members just select a Jewellery box get it passed through Quality control department and ship it to you.

Yes, all of our customers receive an invoice for their orders via email the minute they confirm the orders.

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