Custom wedding Invitations: A plan.


One of the most important part of a wedding is the wedding invites, not only are they the initial phase of a wedding but they need critical time for their selection and then preparation. In recent times, custom wedding invitations are really trending, the couple prefers custom made invitations which are different and unique from the ones that are already popular amongst the wedding communities. So here is a guide line which will help the wedding couples to follow a step wise process in this point in time where there is so much pressure of every little detail, these guidelines will prove to be very much helpful:

Choose the Card design:

This is the initial part, how do you want your card’s overall look to be? What do you have in mind and how would you like it to be assembled all these little details have to e discussed with the designer whose going to design your cards. So before going to the designer make sure that you have a clear picture of what do you want and how do you want your card to be. One sitting is enough for this first phase.

Choose the wordings

Apart from the design of the card the next thing which matters the most is the content of the card. The traditional greetings are very heartwarming but you need to decide how do you want to invite your guests do you want it to be formal or informal? Polite or jazzy? Do you want it to be something that will make you family and friends smile? Come up with something that you really want which will not only reflect your happiness but will also make the guests feel invited and included in your happiness.

The material of the Custom invitation card

This is another factor which needs to be considered and it is linked with your design that you selected, there are many cards that have different design and the material used in accordance with the design may vary too. So when the designer gives you options for your card’s material then you must choose the most suitable one whether it is paper, plastic, metal, roll down velvet there will be a variety choose the one which looks the best and covers your budget most importantly.


Wedding Cards


The envelope:


The coverage of the card is equally important as it gives away the first impression to the guests so it should be in accordance with the design and material that you picked. This whole planning should be done beforehand so that you can have something to tell to the designer otherwise time will be wasted.

With all of these little details you can add up many little accessories, beads, ribbons etc. it depends upon your taste and the feels that you want to give to your guests. When you will meet your card designer yes they will suggest many options for you but it is totally up to you. At the end of the day you should be satisfied with the end product which is the first artifact of your wedding.

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