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Return and Refund Policy

As a result of custom quality of printing artifacts and other related services we offer; if you discover that the products are faulty or not in line with your defined order provisions then you are required to notify us at during the time of 3 business days after getting your completed orders. We aren’t able to issue any credit or reimbursement to you; conversely we will indemnify your problem by reprinting your original purchase order if we committed a mistake or if we are able to find the fault. Determination of fault is at the judgment of our administration. To obtain the reprint of your original purchase order, you are required to put forward the digital snapshots certifying the product’s fault. Also you need to ship it back to our given address at your own cost, the total number of the original purchase order not more than 7 business days after receiving the delivery. Charges associated to the further order’s processing are not refundable.

Payment, Order Placement, Cancellations

All the price quotes listed on our website are shown in PAK RUPEES. Payments against each order will be handled in U.S DOLLARS, POUNDS and PAK RUPEES. As we are providing custom printing services for all range of products so we will not be able to start working on your specific printing job orders or other required services until or unless we receive a full payment including all charges, shipping taxes as well as the processing fees by the credit card or with another accepted payment method.

As a measurement for order placement we need the customers and users of our web to endorse and verify (either a hard copy or an electronic file) the printing products or additional services as ordered by them. After the finalization of orders by our prestigious customers, we forward their orders to our press department. However as the job has been approved and forwarded to press department; there will be no room for any changes in the artwork files, work specifications, or turnaround time for printing. But you can cancel your orders within 4-hours time but such cancellation will cost you 5% of total order amount or $25 whichever is higher. You can even cancel your orders after 4-hours time but it will cost you 15% of the total order amount to indemnify work costs for our prepress department and other associated financial costs. But we cannot undertake any responsibility that your approved orders will be aborted after 4-hours time constraint.

Design Orders does not issue credits or reimbursement for design services orders. We treat all design orders as full and final after these have been placed by the customers with no refundable policy.

Sales Tax Policy

We follow Sales Tax policy as defined according to our and your laws. If you have availed any tax exemption then do provide your tax exclusion certificate at the point of order placement.

Customers Submitted Artwork/Files

We generate soft or hard copy design proofs as submitted by our respectable customers’ or users. It is recommended that your uploaded artwork files have to be 300 DPI (dots per inch) as a minimum resolution at final stage and should have CMYK format. If you are unable to upload artwork files with 300 DPI or you fail to produce 300 DPI resolution of artwork files or if it has not been submitted in CMYK format then we ( will not be answerable for printing as distorted, blurred or pixilated output due to conversion from submitted format to CMYK.

You are held responsible for exactness of your ready to print artwork/files along with every subsequent problem that may occur in alignment or orientation of your submitted file pages. However we do every possible measure to save your submitted artwork/files but still we don’t take any responsibility for the damages that may occur to your submitted artwork files.

By submitting artwork or files to our website, i.e.; you agree that you are legal owner of all the uploaded material or you have attained lawful rights to make use of such material.

We are authorized to reject an order which we may consider against the law or if it violates third party’s rights. You take the responsibility for the submitted content and printing material as it will all be executed after availing your consent. We are not liable to disclose any reason for rejection of an order. Please take into notice that we cannot accept any indecent, offensive or inappropriate printing material or content.

Proofs and Color Accuracy

It is necessary for our respectable customers and users to approve soft or hard copy of the printing products or other services as requested. We will not be able to forward any job to our press department without your approval. You are liable to check into your account and verify the proofs before these are sent to our press department. We aren’t answerable for holdups in the processing of orders caused by client’s negligence or delay in approval of the proof. Please keep in mind to check the turnaround period as cited in the front page of our website.

It is recommended that you should evaluate submitted proofs thoroughly before approving any. You need to check these against your original submitted files for exploring and identifying any possible layout errors or errors in spacing, copy, punctuation, proportion or image placement or in crops, bleeds or in the final text. Electronic proofs don’t give you an idea about clearness over print problems or color deterioration from Pantone or RGB to CMYK. Please take into notice that use of lamination or UV coating can have an effect on or alter the look and feel of printed colors. Hence, we don’t take any responsibility about final color scheme of a laminated product order. Customer is wholly in charge for everything that is enclosed in the ultimate permitted proof.

We are committed to reproduce print copy with matching colors as close as possible to the print ready submitted files. But we cannot guarantee exactly the same colors as in electronic copy due to variation in color matching and density. Due to intrinsic limitations of printing process, it is not possible for us to meet ultimate accuracy in final product. It is assumed that you agree to these limitations as you place your order. We assure to do as much as possible to meet the standards and expectations of our clients but we are unable to take any responsibility regarding variation of colors in final product against the electronic submission of actual artwork. We cannot honor any reprint complaint due to variation in colors. We are not responsible for ink density or color matching as on screen proofs approved by you. However, we can take responsibility for the colors as represented in hard copy before reproduction of original order and approved by you but take into notice that you will have to pay extra for hard copy proofs.

No Liability for Errors does not take responsibility of any errors in the final product that may be caused due to the following reasons:

  • Damaged Fonts, Grammar or Misspelling
  • Punctuation or Graphics or Bleeds
  • Missing Folds, Incorrect, Die Lines, Wrong, Crop Marks, Cracks on Folds or Transparency
  • Finished product Size
  • Over print

Gang printing does not prefer to use gang printing for processing of final products. But in some cases where necessary due to the requirements of our customers or users; we are intended to use best printing process or method for execution of particular printing order.


We are bound to deliver as much quantity of the order produced as mentioned by our client but we deliver a little extra quantity which is our discretion. You will not be charged for any additional unit produced or delivered. In case of under-run, we are bound to charge for the actually quantity as delivered by us. Normally we are assumed to follow a commonly established selling practice of delivering in addition or lesser equal to 5% of the ordered quantity.


Production Speed, Shipping and delivery of orders

We consider time frame for production and turnover time just after the approval, submission or review of artwork files. Our prepress department does not accept any order before it has been finally reviewed and accepted by the customers. Working on a particular order will start after the receipt of full payment together with applicable taxes and handling plus shipping fees. You are authorized to define production speed and indicate the required delivery date and time for your order during the order placement process. It is necessary for you to notify about proof’s approval before 10 AM according to Eastern Standard Time (EST).

It is our utmost priority and preference to print and send your orders according to the given time limits. But we will not take any responsibility about any damages occurred due to the mistake or delay caused by shipment company. You concur that you will not hold liable for any delays or damages caused by Shipment Company due to bad weather, custom issues, and shipping company impediments, or for any other such circumstances that are beyond our control. However, if delays are caused due to technical reasons or due to failure of printing equipment at some stage in the printing process or due to natural calamities or unavoidable circumstances then we will refund resulting expedited charges.  Orders will not be cancelled because of failure or impediment in printing process.

You are liable to bear all resulting custom charges and associated fees for the shipment of your orders to specified locations. Customer will be held responsible for making necessary arrangements with custom department if the shipment needs to be delivered beyond the geographical boundaries of United States.

We are offering a special discount for our respectable customers in USA as they can avail a chance to have free of charge Ground Shipping to One Destination Per Order within the geographical boundaries of USA for 5 Business Days without taking care of weight limit or quantity. However, you need to pay shipping expenses for additional locations as desired. We cannot undertake the responsibility of delays in delivery and consignment time and we are not accountable for any resulting loss, theft or damage to the final printing products. is not accountable for any damages or loss resulting due to the shipping and transit accidents.

If you have listed an incorrect shipment address intentionally or unintentionally, you will have to bear extra shipment and handling charges due to reshipment of printing consignment.

Changes to our Website and Terms and Conditions

We have the authority to amend, change or include or exclude any portion of our website as well as Terms and Conditions at any point of time with or without notifying our customers or users. All changes made to our website will become immediate part and parcel of our website and the new resulting Terms of Service will immediately be posted on the site. All such changes will have an immediate effect. Your incessant association with our website subsequent to all such amendments as listed on will constitute that you accept and agree to all such changes.


Site Feedback

Any suggestions, comments, proposals or additional feedback (jointly “Feedback Information”) given to Thedesiknot regarding the function or content of our website should be submitted by the customers or users and accepted by Thedesiknot without any conditions. Every such suggestion, comments or other related material will emerge to be the elite possession of Thedesiknot. By suggesting any such info to Thedesiknot, you are in agreement that you are assigning and transferring all rights, without any price together with all intellectual property rights. You concur that Thedesiknot shall have the right to make use of all such data and information without any charges.